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    Jiaozuo Beixing Refractories Co.,Ltd(BRCC) is located in Bo'ai industrial district, Jiaozuo city, Henan province, China. With the area of 110,000 square meter, Beixing is specialized in manufactureing and R&D, and marketing special refractories, is a permanent member of Chinese Refractory Association. our products annual output is 100,000 tons, employees 500, besides 60 technicians. Beixing has one plant for silicon carbide products, one plant for insulating materials, one plant for unshaped refractories, one plant for fine ceramics, one plant for raw materials and one R&D center.

    Beixing has an annual output of SiC products 20,000 tons, including nitride SiC 15,000 tons, oxide SiC 3,000 tons, reaction bonded SiC 2,000 tons. The annual production of light weight insulating bricks is 70,000 tons, annual production of all kinds of light & heavy unshaped refractory is 60,000 tons. Beixing has a widely products range for high temperature industry, we provide complete set solutions for our customer, from high temperature to low, from standard shape to special shape, products with precise dimension and long lifetime. Our products are popular in domestic and foreign markets, which have been exported to many countries.

    The development of Beixing benefits a lot from the support of our customers and partners. We will keep our faith of diligence and practice, and stick to our business concepts "Trust, Quality, Service, Innovation". Hope we get further and long term business cooperation with more esteemed companies, together we will build a better future.


    Contact Us

    official hotline: 0086-391-8985680


    Boai industrial park, Jiaozuo City, Henan, China.

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